WWE Jinder Mahal Workout | Assessment (PART 1)

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When WWE superstar Jinder Mahal visited the ATHLEAN-X gym the other day for an injury assessment and workout, we captured it all on film. In this video, you’re going to get a behind the scenes look into what goes into being one of the top wrestlers in the business and the type of attention paid to his workouts and training to make sure he not only gets to the top but stays there.

Jinder Mahal is the epitome of hard work. Nothing has come easy for him. His work ethic and desire to be the best have propelled him from the middle of the card on the WWE roster to one of the top talents in the company. It is therefore no surprise when you see the level of determination he has and the focus with which he approaches his training as I witnessed in his recent trip to the X-box.

After competing in a match the night before against AJ Styles, Jinder came in a bit banged up. Not only was his previously injured shoulder (torn labrum) barking but so was his non-injured right shoulder. Unsure of how exactly it happened, I put him through an evaluation to try and determine root causes that could be longer standing and contributing to the reoccurrences.

What became apparent quickly is the trap dominance that Jinder has developed in his physique. Nearly every overhead move is initiated and highly contributed to by the upper traps with very little activation of the lower traps. This not only leads to a physique imbalance, but more importantly, structural imbalance that can lead to injury down the road.

The goal was to take him through the various ways that he could incorporate more activation and attention to these smaller muscles without having to devote an entire program to an already packed agenda and a workout that has to be efficient in order to keep him feeling fresh for the rigorous wrestling schedule these guys are known for. Using the lat pulldown machine, and a heavy dose of activation training tips we covered many ways for Jinder to start getting more out of every workout he does.

The transition to how he could train with heavy weights without reinjuring the shoulder as well as workouts that can be included for a conditioning and strength training effect were included as well and will appear in part II of this video. WWE wrestlers are known for more than just their athletic ability and in ring talents. They also have to be aesthetically impressive and must even be an engaging personality and able to entertain the crowds on the microphone.

None of that can happen however if you are unable to stay in the ring because you are sidelined with an injury. This video showcases how important it is for a WWE wrestler and any athlete to pay just as much attention to what they do to prepare to step into the field of competition as they do when they are in it. Preparation is the key for optimized performance and longevity regardless which sport they play.

So take a look into the Jinder Mahal workout and assessment video and see what it looks like to step into the X-Box and work with Jeff Cavaliere. For a complete day by day workout plan that allows you to train like an athlete, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Follow a step by step plan of workouts and meal plans to get in the best shape of your life.

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