Workout Consistency Made Easy (GET SH!T DONE)

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If you struggle to stay consistent with your workouts then you need to watch this video. I will show you four steps that you can do to learn how to get more consistent with your workout routine. This is incredibly important because no results can be either obtained or kept without a dedication to remaining consistent with working out.

To start, it is important to describe the two types of consistency that are needed in your workouts. The first is voluntary. This means all of the decisions you make to consciously start following and sticking to your workout plan. The second is involuntary consistency. This is out of your control unfortunately, and at the mercy of your health and requires that you stay injury free in your workouts.

That said, your involuntary consistency depends on the quality and soundness of the program that you are following or the person you are trusting to give you workout advice. Remember, consistently following bad advice will give you consistently bad results. So it is important to understand that being steady with your training without a solid plan is not going to cut it.

As for the voluntary decision to get on track with your training, you will need to pay attention to four things if you want to succeed long term. First, you must stop setting goals. I know this is contrary to the advice you have likely been given or heard from many others. Setting specific goals is just as bad. The problem with goals is that they describing the “what” of where you are trying to get to. They are the daydreams of what you would like to be or accomplish without answering the real question of “why” you want to achieve them.

Without answering the question of why you are fighting to achieve a certain goal you will likely fall off track during the process. I made a video on this exact process as well and linked it in the video for your easy reference. Back to this topic however, you next need to learn how to start scheduling your priorities rather than prioritizing your existing schedule. The most successful people in the world do this all the time. If there is something that matters to them, they make the time for it they don’t hope they’ll have enough time for it.

Next, you will have to stop attaching emotional feelings towards your progress. This is the fastest way to make the process something other than just a process. Now you not only stand a better chance to stop on the way to progress but you will be too hard on yourself in the event that you do. This will make it very difficult for you to get back on track and make gains, even in the face of the fact that perfection is not needed to see great results.

Finally, no matter what you do, you have to simplify your options if you want to make progress. Paralysis by analysis is the bane of every successful person. Find someone that you trust and adopt their methods wholeheartedly. As you watch your physique transform before your eyes, you will know that your efforts combined with your decision to follow a smart training plan will the the key to your success. Keep it going and never lose sight of the process along the way.

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