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What is whey protein? What’s the difference between whey isolate vs whey concentrate? How is casein different than whey? Brain Gainz is here to answer all your questions!
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| Signature Protein Stack Giveaway |
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| Protein |
1. Whey Protein
• Whey Concentrate vs Whey Isolate
• How fast does protein absorb?
• What is Leucine?
2. Casein
• How is casein protein different?
3. Veggie/Vegan Proteins
• Sources of veggie/vegan protein
• Viability veggie/vegan protein
4. Is protein a meal replacement?
5. When should I drink my protein shake
6. How much protein per day?

| Protein Questions |
1. Why does it make my shaker bottle smell so BAD – Jake B
2. Does it affect kidneys? – Frensi Osmanllari
3. Is protein powder a necessity? – Boss Mvd
4. Isolate or concentrate? Which one do you prefer? – Tom
5. Can we mix it using hot water? If you can’t, why? – Ian Rylan lee

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