What is the perfect body? Answer might surprise you!

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The overpowering ‘health’ messages of today propagate a belief that a person is not ‘good enough’ if they do not meet a particular ideal.
Whether this message is delivered deliberately, accidentally or subliminally, we can’t doubt its volume.
I profoundly disagree with this sentiment.
The choices a person makes to embrace life and cherish the body they have by showing it appropriate care are central to health excellence – not whether they fit into a certain dress or belt hole.
We don’t teach children to read by mocking them for how they are reading right now, that would be ridiculous – but it’s how much of society treats people who are trying to make positive changes with their health.
If we are to put in the effort to look after ourselves, perhaps we need to feel worthy of giving it.
In a world that tells the majority of people they aren’t good enough unless they conform to a universal ideal, this is unlikely to happen.
Ultimately, we need to start empowering people rather than telling them they are not good enough.
It’s that simple.

Believe in yourself and remember how magnificent your body is! Daniel