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Yoga teacher and nutritionist Karla Tafra explains misconceptions about yoga, strength in yoga, and what yoga means to her.
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| Karla Tafra Yoga Q&A |
1. How did you get into Yoga?
2. What are some misconceptions about yoga?
3. How do you measure progress in yoga?
4. What does strength mean in yoga?
5. Why team Bodybuilding.com?

| Mind Body Fit: Your 90-Day Wellness Journey |
Fitness, meditation, yoga, and healthy nutrition: They all have incredible benefits, and a holistic approach to health should include them all! Build a better you from the inside out with this groundbreaking plan.

| A Holistic Approach to Health |
In this innovative, holistic approach to fitness, you’ll get the best of three worlds: workouts, yoga, and meditation. Let our expert teachers be your guides and see your body change in the mirror and feel it in everything you do!

| Expert Video Instruction |
If you’re tired of workouts without enough guidance, this is the plan for you. Every movement of every workout has its own unique in-depth guide! You’ll also enjoy complete follow-along video workouts, yoga classes, guided meditations, and video guides to nutrition, wellness, and self-care.

| Nutrition and Supplement Plan |
For many of us, nutrition is the ultimate mystery. But we’ll help you solve it with both a nutrition guide led by a Ph.D. nutritionist and a guide to nutritional supplements. You’ll also get 12 simple video recipes to make delicious, whole-food-based meals that will immediately become staples in your house!

| Poor Posture? Try Yoga! |
Posture problems can lead to a host of serious health issues, not to mention nagging neck and back pain. These five yoga poses can go a long way toward addressing the issue.

Poor posture is one of the biggest culprits for back pain and neck discomfort. Long days hunched over a computer or hours standing incorrectly can lead to a whole slew of physical ailments, from breathing issues to degenerative injuries like joint immobility, trouble sleeping, increased anxiety, migraines, and even vision problems.

Thankfully, poor posture is fixable. Yoga has been found to be an effective way to both properly align and increase support to postural muscles. All of which means less pain for you! The yoga poses below are intended to open the chest, release shoulder tension, stretch tight hips, and increase strength in the back and core muscles, which will help combat symptoms of poor posture. Each pose comes with its own sets of benefits and challenges, so remember to breathe and be kind to your body as you move through your own practice.


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