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There are three primary macronutrients (macros): carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Each of them is necessary for your health and performance.
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| Non-Stim Ingredients |
1. Creatine
o Monohydrate, HCl, Nitrate, Ethyl Ester
2. Beta Alanine
o Combines with histidine
o Carnosine
3. Vasodilators
o Arginine Cycle
– Arginine
– Citrulline
– Ornithine
o Nitric Oxide sources
– Beets
– Red Spinach
– Red Algae
4. Nootropics
o Acetylcholine sources
– Alpha glyceryl phosphorylcholine (GPC)
– Choline Bitartrate
– CDP Choline
o Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor
– Huperzine

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Next week we’re are wrapping up the month of May with a talk of how you can improve your workout and your focus without stimulants. Nootropics, vasodilators and other ergogenic ingredients will be the topic. How do you like to get in the game when caffeine isn’t an option?

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