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Fueling your workout involves more than sipping from a water fountain in between sets. Welcome to the world of intra-workout supplementation.
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00:00 – Intro
02:55 – Water
08:26 – Electrolytes
11:55 – Carbohydrates
17:25 – Amino Acids
20:55 – Caffeine
31:10 – Intra-Workout Deals And Promos

| Intra-Workout Nutrition |

1. Water
o During the summer, water is amazingly important.
o Especially true if you’re covering your face in the gym.
o Generally, most athletes won’t need water in the first part of their workout, but based on intensity, hydration status, and bodyweight.

2. Electrolytes
o People sweat varying amounts and sweat contains various amounts of electrolytes,
o Taking control of potassium and sodium is important.
o Try to consume water with electrolytes for two reasons:
a. Replenish saltsHyperkalemia

3. Carbohydrates
o Carbs used for energy
o Most intense exercise (non-keto) is thanks to carbohydrates
o Glycogen stores do bulk of the work
o Best to supplement if exercising multiple days in a row
o Simple best for glycogen replenishment

4. Amino Acids
o Branched chain amino acids can be used as energy
o Energy requirements pull from blood
a. Consume BCAAs to potentially spare muscle AAs

5. Caffeine
o Stimulant
o Helps motivate and can increase performance at high enough doses.
o Fatigue is subjective, caffeine might tip the scales

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