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Do BCAAs work, or were they disproven by a new research paper? Should I be taking EAAs instead. How does hydration affect my training.
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Hey Everyone and welcome! It is July 2019 and this is Brain Gainz! The show brought to you live from the headquarters of Bodybuilding.com! My name is Tyler and this is my good friend Alec!
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| Amino Acids Explained |

Amino Acids
• Branched Chain Amino Acids
a. Leucine
b. Isoleucine
c. Valine
• Essential Amino Acids
a. Histidine
b. Lysine
c. Methionine
d. Phenylalanine
e. Threonine
f. Tryptophan
• Performance benefit
• Recovery
• Good Better Best
• Why is Leucine important?
• AAs can be a vehicle for improved hydration

• 2% of bodyweight lost can lead to decrements in performance
• Body temp control
a. Water allows for sweat
• Electrolyte balance
a. Hyperkalemia

| Questions |
Do amino acids work?
Are amino acids health friendly?
Do amino acids break a fast?
Do amino acids help you lose weight?
Do amino acids kick you out of ketosis?
Do amino acids spike insulin?
Do amino acids help with inflammation?
Are amino acids necessary?
Are amino acids hard on the kidneys?

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