WARNING: Gym Sins You DON’T Want to Make!

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Consider this video a public service announcement for what not to do when you are in a gym. Here we cover 11 of the most obnoxious people that you likely see every time you train in your local gym. The key to avoidance however is recognition. I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily spot the gym bros so that you can enjoy your workouts without ever having to come within twenty feet of these characters ever again.

In order of appearance, the incher is the person that loads the bar up with every weight nearby and proceeds to perform quarter reps at best. You have likely seen one in the past week alone. Says he squats four hundred pounds and winds up covering two inches of total range of motion throughout the lift. This is a gym fail every time.

Next is the transporter. This is the guy who brings all of his own equipment to the gym to train with. Is there something wrong with the rope pushdown that is already there? Of course not, but to this particular gym goer he feels it necessary to break out his special rope. He’d argue to the end of the day that the friction is less and that the contour of the steel fits his hand better.

The D*ck W.O.D. is next. This guy just seems a little lost when forced to train outside the box. I mean, the energy and enthusiasm is good but the advice he is willing to spout to everyone within earshot is often unwanted. Got to question the technique a little bit too. Seems a little shaky.

Beware the Social Media “Star”, and we use that term loosely. You know the guy? The one who thinks it is appropriate to show up in any local commercial gym that people pay hard earned money to attend and proceed to interrupt anyone and everyone around them to film the latest installment of a video nobody is going to watch. Thanks for ruining my workout pal.

The CopyCat is not as easily recognized but no less disturbing. Ever get the feeling that you are not only being watched, but copied in the gym. No matter where you go, this person seems to lurk nearby and do every set, rep, and exercise the same exact way you are doing it. You are literally writing the playbook for this guy to jack from you. Be careful how you lift, this means you are now responsible for his health as well as your own.

The Muscle Matician is the guy that breaks out the journal to record every last detail of everything he does in the gym. While it is customary to throw out tax returns after 7 years, this guy hasn’t thrown away a workout journal since he first learned to write. Details you deem unnecessary he would argue are fundamental to his ability to perform at a higher level. We will let you decide.

The next one is the local village idiot of the gym. Unless playing the role of copycat, he is completely puzzled, confused and offers no shred of useful information for anyone in the gym to benefit from. Next.

The Creep Show Bro is another one that lurks in every corner but instead of copying you he is eerily doing often times nothing but watching you. Usually this is reserved for the prettier women in the gym and I feel bad that you must be subjected to this. If he spent as much time lifting as he did staring he might not look as repulsive as he acts.

The supplement store in a gym bag guy is easily spotted as well. He is the one that has his pre workout, intra workout and post workout shakes all conviently prepared for him and on the ready for those key moments of his workout. Beyond that, he carries about 20 pill bottles and other various supplements to make sure his muscles don’t miss a beat and more importantly, a critical window of supplement opportunity.

There are more to avoid as well. The key is, make sure that when you go to the gym if you want to get the most from your training that you stay focused on what you have to do. These guys are in every gym and ready to try and distract you from the task at hand. If you stay determined to get your workout done without distraction you will be able to avoid the pit falls these gym bros are setting for you.

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