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Here 3 tips on how to warm up I do three different thing to get ready to properly workout without injuries.

Try to create a system where you can add warm up yo your training, is beneficial in the long run specially when you past your 30s.

Personally one of the main objectives of warming up is to avoid injuries based on my own experiences i found that i need more time to reach my full potential, so i do warm up to get myself going.

Direct benefits of warming include

* Release of adrenaline
* Increased heart rate
* Enabling oxygen in the blood to travel with greater speed and at a higher volume
* Increased production of synovial fluid located between the joints to reduce friction
* Efficiency of joint
* Dilation of capillaries
* Increase of temperature in the muscles
* Decreased viscosity of blood
* Facilitation of enzyme activity
* Encouragement of the dissociation of oxygen from hemoglobin
* Decreased viscosity[clarification needed] within the muscle
* Greater extensibility and elasticity of muscle fibres
* Increased force and speed of contraction
* Increase of muscle metabolism
* Supply of energy through breakdown of glycogen
* Increase in speed of nerve impulse conduction
* Removal of lactic acid
* Increased respiratory rate

As i show i split my warm up in different blocks,

Stretching Flow or Flow stretching as i call it is a way to stretch by using flow principals, the idea is to connect the stretches in a sequence so you move from one to the other in a smooth way,.

One of the goals is to increase the level of the stretch after every round so you can gain and improve little by little.

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