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What happens when you take two hard-working athletes, test their VO2 max, and then re-test after they take XTEND Elite for 8 weeks? Watch the story of father-and-son duo Joe and Nolan Carew!
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00:00 – What is a V02 Max Test?
00:46 – Choosing the Athletes
02:03 – What is Xtend Elite?
02:20 – Test
04:15 – Test Results

VO2 Max is defined as the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can take in, deliver, and use in one minute. It is limited both by the amount of oxygenated blood the lungs and circulatory system can process, and by the amount of oxygen the muscles can extract from the blood. It is estimated that VO2 Max decreases about 1% per year.

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