Train with India | 20 min Beginners HIIT with Joe

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*Turn on captions for subtitles*

India Morse is a deaf online fitness coach from London and she’s passionate about health and fitness and creating accessible content for everybody.

We’ve collaborated with India to create a series of accessible workouts for everyone, whether you are deaf or hearing.

India in an incredible trainer with the most amazing energy, so make sure you check them out, and please share this series with anyone who might find them valuable.

We hope you enjoy the workout.

Follow India on Instagram here:

Beginner HIIT

30 seconds work 20 seconds rest

1 – Jumping jacks
2 – High knees / marching
3 – Squat to elbow
4 – Ab walkout mountain climbers
5 – Half burpee / burpees
6 – Squat touch floor and raise hand up
7 – 4 Leg shuffles to high Kick
8 – Hopping zig zag
9 – fast feet punch
10 – Double unders