Train with Courtnay | Intermediate Dumbbell Workout

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Say hello to Courtnay! She is one of the awesome new Body Coach trainers and she is going to be creating some incredible workouts for you on The Body Coach TV.

You can follow Courtnay on Instagram here:

This is an Intermediate Dumbbell workout, consisting of 3 sections and you will need at least 1 set of dumbbells. Courtnay is using a light set and a medium set.

BLOCK 1: 7 minute AMRAP
6x Deadlift & high pull
6x DB squats or goblet squats
6x Renegade rows
6x DB reverse lunges

1 min recovery

BLOCK 2: 6 mins
40 seconds work | 20 seconds rest

Shuttle forward & back
Lateral lunge knee drive
Military plank
Bear crawl
Pop squat

1 min recovery

BLOCK 3: 4 mins Ascending Ladder
2/4/6/8 reps
Plank drag
Ballistic Row