Train with Courtnay | Beginners Bodyweight Workout

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Say hello to Courtnay! She is one of the awesome new Body Coach trainers and she is going to be creating some incredible workouts for you on The Body Coach TV.

You can follow Courtnay on Instagram here:


This is Courtnay’s 18 Minute Bodyweight Beginners Workout.

This workout consists of 3 different E2MOMs and we are doing 3 rounds so we’ll complete each E2MOM 3 times. An E2MOM means that every 2 minutes we complete the set moves, then however long is left of the 2 minutes once the moves are completed is our rest time.

We are working on the basis of 8 reps per move or 16 if it’s using a single arm/leg move. If you find you have too much rest time, increase the amount of reps by 2/4 per move.

8 Kneeling press ups
8 Good mornings
16 Reverse lunges (8 each leg)

8 Shooters
16 Lateral lunges (8 each leg)
16 Shoulder taps (8 each arm)

16 Forward lunges (8 each side)
16 Bodyweight plank row (8 each arm)
8 Glute bridge