Train with Courtnay | 30 Minute ADVANCED Dumbbell Workout

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Say hello to Courtnay! She is one of the awesome new Body Coach trainers and she is going to be creating some incredible workouts for you on The Body Coach TV.

You can follow Courtnay on Instagram here:

This is a 30 Minute Advanced Dumbbell workout, consisting of 3 sections and you will need a pair of dumbbells.

HR RAMP: 3 mins
Lateral Plank Walk
Kick Through
Lateral Step & Jump

1 min recovery

BLOCK 1: Supersets 8 mins
Single leg Deadlift

Bent Over Row
Chest Press

Glute Bridge
Lateral Lunge

Overhead Press
High Pull

1 min recovery

BLOCK 2: ALT EMOM 8 mins
6/8/10 reps depending on how hard you want to make it

Half Burpee

Squat Thrust
Lateral Bounds

1 min recovery

BLOCK 3: Descending Ladder 8 mins
10/8/6/4/2 (then back up)

Everest Climber
Ground to Overhead Dumbbell
Reverse Lunge
Half Burpee & Star Jump