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Physique competitor and certified personal trainer Brandan Fokken shares his full-body circuit designed to hit every muscle en route to more size and greater strength.
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Team athlete Brandan Fokken has enjoyed a unique fitness journey, and now he’s distilled some of his knowledge and expertise into a single total-body transformation workout.

This full-body workout begins with single-joint movements for the arms and legs, and ends with multijoint movements and working your whole core.

“I prefer warming smaller muscle groups up before moving on to bigger movements,” explains Fokken.

Complete each exercise in this full-body circuit without resting until you complete the last move. Rest 1-2 minutes, and then do the circuit again. Your goal is to complete three such rounds. All told, this workout should take an hour to complete.

Let’s get started!

| Brandan Fokken’s Full Body Circuit | (3 Rounds)
1. Ez-Bar Curl: 10 reps
2. EZ-Bar Skullcrusher: 10 reps
3. Lying Leg Curls: 10 reps
4. Pushups: 10 reps
5. Arnold Dumbbell Press: 10 reps
6. Seated Side Lateral Raise: 10 reps
7. T-Bar Row: 10 reps
8. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: 10 reps
9. Hanging Leg Raise: 10 reps

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