Top 6 Beginner Workout Mistakes!

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Beginner workouts are incredibly important since they set the foundation for all gains to come. In this video, I’m going to go over the biggest beginner workout mistakes that people make that undercut their ability to see the best results that they can get in the long run. I will cover everything from the importance of the bench press, squat and deadlift while remembering not to rely solely on them or attempt to lift too much weight at the expense of good form.

To start, full range of motion on exercises is incredibly important for anyone lifting weights. This holds true whether you are a beginner or even more advanced. The use of full range of motion helps to strengthen the kinetic chain while improving coordination. Many beginners lack joint coordination or awareness in space and instead will use shortened range of motions in order to trick themselves into thinking they are doing more than they are.

The compound lifts are key exercises for promoting the opportunity for full range of motion. Because they utilize multiple muscle groups and joints they allow you to load up the highest amounts of weights that you can on any exercise. That tends to create some fear of these exercises for beginners however. The sense of danger on these exercises is certainly higher than on a concentration curl but that doesn’t mean they should be avoided.

Instead, using weight that you can command and building a true strength base on top of that is the answer. If you start using weights that you can handle and continue to increase your strength on these lifts over time, you won’t fear the movement. As you see results come from performing these exercises you will become less self conscious of those around you and your fears of using weights that you feel are too light in comparison to what others are using.

Remember, we all start somewhere. Even the strongest guy in the gym started out using the bar. Keep adding weights only when you can perform the lift in good form. Too many so called experts think that it is a badge of honor to have a “strong” lift when it is nothing more than an average lift wrapped around a whole lot of bad form and compensation. Do not copy this. You may even wind up looking as bad as they do if you follow that advice.

From here you want to make sure that you do not approach your training and workout sessions lazily. What this means is that instead of just grabbing a bar, squeeze it for all its worth. The strength that is elicited by simply doing that will surprise you. Do not just move the bar from point A to point B, execute the movement and exercise with your highest intensity. You will need a great deal of grip strength as a beginner to take advantage of this but you can build that by not avoiding forearm work and remembering to rack all of your own dumbbells and plates.

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