Tips to Stay Fit During Ramadan

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Here doing my absolute best sharing some Training & Nutrition strategies to everyone who is fasting in this Ramadan. More details about fasting tips below (read more).

Question 1:
When is the Best Time to workout?

The most convenient time to train is right before you break-fast. This allows you to train and break-fast at ease for ultimate replenish from hydration and nutrition. The down side? Lack of energy and dehydration, but this feeling will go away right after a few days of practice. You gotta persist the first week!

The other timing that works great is to train 1-2 hours after you had your first break-fast meal. Having some fluid and nutrient in your system will definitely help you to train hard like normal. But the downside of this timing is training at this timing can be a little late during the day, and some may experience sluggishness due to their consumed meal, due to this I would recommend keeping your pre-workout meal small and eat something that is easy to digest.

Question 2:
How many times you should workout in a week?

Imo, try to maintain training 3 sessions a week (or more). Frequency allows your body to get adapted to the fasting state faster, and training frequently will will help you maximize fatloss & muscle maintenance (depending of what type of training you do).

For the first week, you can start easy like working out 2-3 times a week. A week later you may want to increase the frequency to 3-4 times a week, and slowly work up to 5 training sessions in a week.

Question 3:
How long should you workout?

If you are training frequent (up to 5 sessions a week), your workout session doesn’t need to be long. Once again, it is depending on what type of training you do and the timing you decided to train. You should keep your workout shorter if you decided to train before break-fast. Where training after your pre-workout meal, you can stick to the same training duration.

Imo, 15-30 minutes for bodyweight/running/hard-cardio is good. 30-60 minute for gym training is sufficient.

Question 4:
What is the best food to focus during fasting?

Protein, Protein, Protein! (Red meat will work better)

I would also recommend adding some healthy fats to your diet such as olive, avocado, egg yellow, cheese, coconut oil, and fish oil. This will prolong the nutrient delivery to your system to stay anabolic.

Question 5:
What food to avoid?

Reduce/Avoid anything that makes your thirsty and dehydrated. Such as Caffeine, Salt, and Spicy food.

If you are new to supplement, consuming Whey and Creatine at this time is not a good idea too. But if you’ve been taking them all this while, it is fine.

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Happy Fasting & Keep On Training!

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