The Unspoken “Secret” to EVERY Transformation!

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The truth behind every muscle building transformation is that the most important growth you experience is between your ears instead of in a particular muscle group. In this video, I’m going to show you how to build muscle the fastest and get the most significant gains in the gym by reveling in the minor accomplishments along the way that result in more confidence in yourself.

If you think about the negative side effects of low self esteem or confidence, you realize that they reach far outside the gym. In fact, when one has low self confidence they wind up settling for many things in life rather than pursuing those things they feel they deserve. Have you ever accepted a job you didn’t like because you felt you weren’t qualified for anything more? Have you ever wound up in a relationship with someone you know is not good for you for the sole reason that you don’t think you can find someone else?

When you hit the gym and start working on the one thing that you can have the most control over, your body, you realize just how powerful your actions can be. When you push yourself past the point that you usually would quit on a single set, you build confidence that you can do that again at will if pushed in a similar way. When you show up to do a workout even when it is the last thing in the world you wanted to do, that builds confidence that you will be able to muster the same dedication the next time it happens.

These mini episodes of confidence building will emerge into a massive snowball effect as you drastically change your body over time because of these strung together achievements. As you do these things your workouts become that much more productive. Your body changes. Your confidence in what you look like blossoms. You start believing in yourself in ways you never could have imagined.

It becomes readily apparent just how important the actions you take in a day are. Your workout takes on an whole new level of importance. Suddenly, it isn’t just about getting big biceps or building muscle fast. It’s about committing to the process and realizing that the journey includes far more than just physical benefits.

The feeling you develop inside is so empowering, it arms you for whatever other life challenges get thrown your way. This is when the real change starts happening. So, here you will see just what happened to allow Jesse to make the transformation that he has on this channel. His muscle gains have been noticeable. To many, his confidence may have been overlooked. What I am saying is that the physical gains would not have occurred if he didn’t use them to keep developing his confidence along the way.

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