The “SKINNY FAT” Cure | Should You Bulk Or Cut?

Today I’m going to share with you the EXACT process for overcoming the “skinny fat” physique

Firstly, What is skinny fat?

Being “skinny fat” implies that you don’t have low enough body fat to really see definition and you don’t have enough muscle mass to the point where you’d be able to see definition anyway…

In other words you are in a sticking point
And a lot of people get to this stage and have no idea how to approach it

So what are the options?

Ultimately we have two options from this point…
Either to Shred down body fat to hopefully reveal what muscle mass is underneath
OR to Lean Bulk up muscle mass and improve your body composition by adding muscle to your frame.

Well then, what’s the better option?

Most people would go with the cut… because you’re skinny fat, and to lose fat… your need to cut right??

Well let’s say you were to cut down body fat
The likelihood that you will greatly alter your body is quite low
And the reason comes down to you simply not having enough muscle mass to begin with

Trust me.
I made this mistakes in the beginning and wasted a lot of time…

This is why you can get to very lower body fat % levels and still not be able to see a whole lot of definition –
YOU need the muscle mass first!

9 times of of 10 the right option to fix the skinny fat physique is to go with the Lean Bulking route

Understand build a great physique comes down to a lot more than just having low body fat % levels
And that extra layer of fat you have that is “covering your abs” in reality may not be covering a whole lot…

Lean Bulk & Build first the Shred down to reveal your shredded self!

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