The REAL Reason You Work Out (OR DON’T!)

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What is the real motivation or reason for why you work out? Do you even know. If you have not identified your workout motivation then it may be the very reason why you haven’t been able to stick to your workouts up until now. In this video, we go behind the scenes at ATHLEAN-X to uncover the reasons why we either stick to our workout routines or find every excuse not to do them.

One time intern Jesse shows us exactly why it isn’t always easy to find the motivation to work out. Even though he works with me side by side every day, he still has not been able to get into a steady workout plan or nutrition regimen. The reason for this is that he simply is not ready yet. That said, when questioned as to why he knows he should work out and why he would train if he could get himself going, the real honest answers start to appear.

You see, far too many of us go to the gym or workout for reasons too shallow to identify our real motivation. I’m not saying that wanting to be ripped or bigger is a shallow goal. What I mean is that it doesn’t penetrate deep enough beneath the surface to find the thing that is driving our desire to be ripped or bigger. Was it because you are tired of being picked on because of your size? Is it because you want to attract a partner and feel that your current condition is making you less desirable?

Uncovering the real motivator for working out is the first step in finally making this a lifestyle instead of a chore. My first motivation for working out actually had nothing to do with improving my body at all. It was to spend more time with my brother and share something in common with him. He was the first person that introduced me to training. While we were four years apart in age, I looked to him for motivation and working out became something we had that we could either do together or at least talk about together.

This turned into a desire to become more physically attractive to the opposite sex. I was a teenager and spent my days thinking about girls! Quickly after that I knew that working out was going to deliver much more than a girlfriend however. I saw how training could be my gateway to becoming a more successful athlete. At this point it became an addiction that I have yet to shake (and never want to).

Now my motivators for working out have changed (as will yours over the years). As a father to two twin boys I want to stay strong, healthy and a representation of fitness for many years to come to set an example for them. I want to be able to participate in their lives without restrictions brought on by letting myself go physically.

Your motivation to train could be something similar or it could be something entirely different. The key is to figure out what makes you work out and then wake up each day without forgetting what that is. Let that drive you to train when you feel like training the least. Let it push you when the easiest thing to do would be to quit.

If you want me to guide you through every workout and meal for the next 90 days, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. See what it is like to wake up each day, for maybe the first time in your life, and look forward to working out and eating right. It will happen, you just need the right inspiration to get you there.

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