The Easiest way to learn Backflip? (throwback)

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Whats up Rawsquad founded a nice footage from my last days in Thailand, ive been feeling quite tired this week so decided to take a rest, but as i promised i will upload every Wednesday,

Here is a useful tip for those who are learning backflip or want to improve it, back on the day i used to train different skills in a sand factory in my city Medellin on a district called Belen, we used to gather a few of us and hit the sand hill, this was quite fun, i truly recommend for you to try,

Also keep it safe and dont practice alone is always good to have a spotter to help u out or in the worst case call for help, these type of skills come with a risk so minimise that risk and take precautions.

Enjoy the vid and let me know if you can do a backflip already and how was your experience doing it.