The CrossFit Birthday WOD’s

Crossfitters Jesper Freyschuss, Steph Evans & Ryan Jones all celebrated their birthdays the only way they knew how, with birthday WOD’s. Each came up with a workout for the other with whoever’s birthday it was being allowed to request one exercise to be included in their WOD. Steph created Jesper’s WOD with the request that it included Push Presses. Ryan chose Steph’s WOD with the request that it included Burpees and Jesper created Ryan’s WOD with the request it included Power Cleans.
Jesper’s Birthday WOD: 3 Rounds – 27 Push Press, 7 Burpees, 27 Sit-ups, 7 Burpees, 27 Deadlift, 7 Burpees.
Steph’s Birthday WOD: “GI Jane” 100 Burpee Pull-ups.
Ryan’s Birthday WOD: 28 Thrusters, 28 Power Cleans, 28 Front Squats, 28 Push Press, 28 Leg Raises under bar (2 Burpees every minute).
Music: First Blood – Kavinsky
Protovision – Kavinsky
A film by Ryan Jones