The Climb – Motivational Video (NEVER STOP!)

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There is nothing like a motivational video that helps you to realign with your true purpose and to discover what really drives you to achieve your goals. For my 2 millionth subscriber video, I decided to do a video to showcase what drives me and keeps me climbing up my mountain. Of course, my family and faith push me to be my best, even when I feel as if I have given my best. Beyond that however is the inspiration that I gain from the men and women who follow this channel and have been inspired to climb their mountain…however difficult and challenging it may be.

To you, I dedicate this video. I have attached the script from my speech here so that you can read it and let the words sink in. It may just change your outlook on how you approach life. What may seem like an insurmountable mountain could be simply a hill that needs you to plod up and over it. The key is, never stop fighting and never stop climbing.

Each day, when you wake up, you are presented with a choice.

A choice to either climb the mountain that lies in front of you or stand
at the bottom and wonder what the view looks like from the top.

You see…

Your mountain can come in many forms.

Maybe it’s that job you’ve always wanted, or it’s that body you’ve been talking about getting.
No matter what it is, I can guarantee you one thing they all will have in common.

And that is, effort will be required, no…demanded of you, if you want to achieve them!

The motivation to climb? That’s individual. That’s personal.

Is it your family, pride? Finally doing something you SAID you were going to do?

It doesn’t matter WHAT it is. It matters that you have SOMETHING that drives you and you can IDENTIFY it.

Most mountains can’t be climbed alone.

Those that climb the highest are both pushed towards the summit by those behind them, pulled up by those ahead of them.

Inspired by the courage of those beside them.

Now, I’m not arguing the comfort and security that comes from staying at the bottom
of your mountain. After all, it’s easy to focus on all the reasons not to climb…to
focus on how high, how steep, or how rugged the terrain is instead of concentrating
on how amazing the world (your world) could actually look from the top.

But will this always be left to just your imagination?

The faster you realize that all that separates your imagination from reality is simply taking
that foot and putting it in front of the other, feeling the earth with every step. Living! Conquering
your mountain…the sooner greatness and great things await you.

And if you decide not to climb. Don’t tell me it’s because you’ve somehow convinced yourself that you don’t have a mountain to climb. No. You just never looked up to see it! You never looked up for fear that you might actually be inspired to try and climb it!

The irony is that the truly successful accept that their summit can never fully be reached.
Conquer one mountain, and they find another…taller, steeper one to take it’s place. Because
You see, It’s not about reaching the top that matters…but that you are reaching for the
top every single day!

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