The Best Damn Jerky You’ve Ever Tried | WIcked Cutz by Branch Warren

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If you love a perfect cut of meat that’s tender, packed with flavor and will have your taste buds begging for more than Wicked Cutz jerky is the perfect high protein snack for you.
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| Wicked Cutz Jerky |
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Each of our flavors of jerky and meat sticks are marinated to perfection and we only use the finest spices and sauces. Wicked Cutz is the perfect snack AND treat to help get you through your busy day, and great to eat in between meals.

Our wickedly awesome jerky starts well before the poultry is marinated for hours upon hours in a mouthwatering blend of seasonings that was passed down by our great ancestors who roamed the wild plains crafting the perfect jerky. It also starts well before the jerky gods bless us with hand selected premium cuts from only the finest sources. It all starts with the idea that if we don’t leave you begging for more, then we aren’t living up to our word, and trust us, our word is stronger than a pissed off Longhorn.

• 10g of Protein Per Serving
• No Added MSG
• No Added Nitrates or Nitrites
• No Artificial Ingredients

| Beef Jerky |
Handcrafted Beef Jerky For Anytime Snacking
Between 7 & 12g of Protein per Serving Depending on Flavor, All With Just 1g Fat per Serving, Made In The USA

| Bacon Jerky |
Handcrafted, Uncured Bacon Jerky For Anytime Snacking
Made in the USA, USDA Inspected & Passed, Great For Taking on the Trails, to Class or Work

| Turkey Jerky |
Handcrafted, Lean Turkey Jerky For Anytime Snacking
10g of Protein & 1g (or Less) of Fat Per Serving, No Artificial Ingredients, No Added Nitrates or Nitrites, Made in the USA

| Beef Stick |
Beef Jerky Sticks for Convenient Any Time Snacking
15g of Protein Per Serving, No Artificial Ingredients, No Added MSG, Nitrates or Nitrites, Made in the USA

| Over a Century of Tradition |
Branch Warren’s forefathers were cattlemen and beef jerky was a staple of their existence. A century and a half later he is still carrying on that tradition with time honored recipes that we guarantee you will love. Branch was born in Texas and spent his early childhood on a cattle ranch. On that ranch is where he learned the value of hard work. He later moved to the Ft. Worth area where he began bodybuilding and ultimately became a world champion professional bodybuilder. During this time is when Branch learned the importance of having a high-quality protein food source that is hormone free and all natural. Throughout his life Branch has loved jerky and wanted to own his own company. So after retiring from competitive bodybuilding Branch wanted to pass on his healthy lifestyle and time-honored family recipes to you. Once you open a bag and take the first bite, we guarantee you will love the wickedly awesome flavor of Wicked Cutz.


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