The BEST Carb You Are Not Eating (The Foods I Eat To Get My abs)

Despite common belief, carbs are definitely not the enemy. Whether your goals are to burn fat or build up some muscle mass, carbohydrates can play a pivotal role in making both doable.

When it comes down to it, fat loss and muscle gain will mostly require some form of caloric imbalance. So if you were to say eat the same amount of calories/carbohydrates from a soda can as you were from a sweet potato it wouldn’t matter right? Well it sounds great, but not necessarily. And the reason is because of the tiny little nutrients that make the foods we eat… well, healthy!

The truth is that soda can is empty calories, it’s a neat dose of carbohydrates and calories but when you open it up, there’s simply nothing there… And that’s why foods like sweet potato are so great! When you open IT up, there’s a whole Utopian society just chilling having a great old time. To understand how you can fuel yourself for performance, you need to look deeper at what you’re actually consuming. Not just take everything at face value!

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