Stronger, Healthier & Ripped at 40 (HOW HE DID IT!)

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If you have ever wanted to be stronger, more ripped or feel less achy and beat up from your workouts then you are going to want to watch this video. In it, WWE Superstar Sheamus shares the steps he took to transform his body and lose over 40 pounds in less than a year. From changing his training to the nutrition approach he used to fuel his hard workouts, see what was done in this one on one interview.

As you can imagine, the entire process starts with a defining of your specific goals. For Sheamus, he was at a crossroads. He was torn between wanting to continue bulking up and taking on a look more similar to Brock Lesnar. I advised against this. Not only was this not necessarily something I felt he could replicate, but I didn’t think it would be the best long term plan to achieve what it was that Sheamus was looking to accomplish.

The decision was to train for more athleticism while losing weight and changing the focus of his weight training to be more focused on quality over quantity. This included the use of metabolic circuits that utilized some foundational compound exercises along with the built-in correctives needed to address the multitude of imbalances that had been created over the years.

Nutrition was focused on creating a caloric deficit and being the main driver of the deficit (rather than trying to do that all with cardio or conditioning). As Sheamus points out, it is important to be aware of how much food you are eating since even great food choices eaten in significant excess can lead to extra body fat deposition. That said, when smart food choices are made, it becomes much more difficult to eat in calorie surplus due to the nutrient density of these options.

The mindset is also an incredibly important hurdle to overcome when trying to get this process right. Many people in his shoes might have a reservation of “losing size” for fear that they will lose muscle in the process. This absolutely does not have to be the case. If you include enough strength maintenance work throughout the training and adequately feed your trained muscles enough to ensure their recovery, the loss of muscle mass is not only diminished but eliminated.

What you are left with is a better conditioned body at a lower body fat level with a preservation of strength that keeps you feeling peaked. There does not have to be a trade off of muscle density or appearance when losing fat either. As a matter of fact, the better scripted your training plan is the more easily avoided this consequence of trading unwanted fat can be.

As always, the key to keeping these gains and improvements for the long haul is consistency. Here again, Sheamus is positioned to do this much more easily than others since his plan to get here wasn’t based on short term deprivation or temporary fixes. Everything he has done to this point has been something that he can do for a lifetime since it is part of a lifestyle that has now become almost second nature.

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