Strong Shoulders Workout – Handstand conditioning

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Here a great Workout I Normally do to increase my strength and control when doing handstands.

I break it in 3 different drills


1 Conditioning
-Tucked wall jumps
The idea is to jump with both feet into the wall while keeping a tucked position, this will strengthen your shoulders, lower back and hip flexors

-Staged wall jumps
Here is similar to the previous exercise, the difference is that you will jump in a staged way until you reach a straight position.

-Single leg wall jumps
Like the first exercise but here you jump into the wall and land with one leg, you will alternate between legs.

-Tucked wall handstand
We reach the tucked position and hold the handstand as long as we can, try keeping your back straight and breath properly while doing it.

2 Flow

After doing 4 sets and 10 reps of each exercise we will do 30 mins flow, try using your upper body as much as you can, we need to fatigue our shoulders in order to move on onto the last drill.

3 Burnout

After the 30 mins of Flow we will move on to the last drill, here we will perform 100 push ups as fast as u can but keeping a good technique don’t rush it but try keeping a good pace if you can do it straight stand on your knees.

Good luck

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