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Are you looking for the right supplement to help support your immune system? Find out more as Tyler explains the different types of supplements and how they can boost your immune system.
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• Sympathetic Activation (fight or flight response)
– Can be activated by fear, aggravation, worry, anxiety about the future
• Epinephrine (Adrenaline) (short term stress)
– Vasoconstriction and ↑Blood Pressure
• Cortisol (Catabolic) (long term stress)
– Releases in a diurnal cycle that peaks in the AM
– Stimulates Gluconeogenesis and decreased insulin sensitivity
– Reduces bone formation, reduce muscle synthesis, decreased collagen formation
– Stimulates gastric acid secretion

• Parasympathetic (Rest and digest)
– Anabolic response, Decreased Heart rate, increase digestive movement, increased sensitivity to insulin
Sleep Cycle
• 4 stages plus REM
– Rapid eye movement that lasts up to 1 hour
a. Consolidation of memory and learning
b. Rat study shows opposite neuron activation
– Sleep allows for increased blood flow to muscles for repair and growth + reinforcement of motor pathways for better lifting
• Blue light
– Light that contains high frequency waves tells body to stay awake.
– Decreases melatonin
• Supplements
– Melatonin: Doesn’t put you to sleep, but helps regulate rhythms
– GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, but its effectiveness is less clear
– Ashwagandha: Clinicals show consumption over time can help decrease high cortisol levels caused by stress. Also, mild nootropic.

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• Early rising in the mornings. A proper sleep routine. A healthy and balanced breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Plenty of stretching and HIIT workouts.
• Walking dog, exercise, trying new recipes and catching up on shows
• Stay positive relax. Exercise, listen to music, maybe try gardening reach out over the internet if need to. Pray and hope for this to all end soon.
• I’m coping by getting ready by Monday since that’s when gym opens

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