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Brains Gains is here to help you transform your body. Before you start your new years transformation, check out these weight loss tips to help start the new year right.
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Starting Your Weight Loss Transformation Right
• Beginner suggestions
o Picking a goal and sticking with it (Weight/Fat loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Gain, etc.)
o Choose your goals and train with specificity
o Pace of weight loss
o Not going too hard to start and burn out
o Importance of Diet
o Tracking Progress (Food, Pictures, Lifts, etc.)
o Small changes add up
• BodyFit Introduction
o Language
o Video
• Supplements
o Different levels of supplements
– Proteins (more next month!) + Vitamins
– Preworkouts + Post workouts
– Fat Burners
o Premium vs Beginner (Signature)

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