Spooky Protein Pudding Dirt Cups | Quick Recipes

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Celebrate Halloween with this tasty protein pudding! Signature Casein protein provides the thick pudding texture and chocolatey flavor of this simple Halloween dessert.
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| Pudding Ingredients |
16 oz unsweetened vanilla Greek yogurt
2 scoop Signature Chocolate Casein Protein
¼ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tbsp cocoa powder, unsweetened

| Topping Ingredients |
12 cookie Oreo cookies, no cream
6 worm gummy worms
1 bar Signature Double Chocolate Crunch protein bar

| Directions |
1. Combine all pudding ingredients in a large bowl. Mix with hand mixer until smooth.

2. Layer pudding, crumbled cookies, and chopped protein bar.

3. Top with additional Oreo crumble, gummy worms, and other decorations if desired.

4. Optional additional toppings: Nutter butter “gravestones” Green sprinkles for grass Black sprinkles for ghost eyes


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