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These are the 10 Signature Protein Stack winners from our latest episode of Brain Gains.
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| Signature Protein Stack Giveaway |
► Winners: 10
► Prize: Signature Protein Stack (Signature Whey, Signature Whey Isolate, Signature Casein, & Signature Mass Gainer)
► Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

| Winners |
1. Shane – FL
2. Alejandro – TX
3. Cory – NV
4. Nicholas – FL
5. Bill – ID
6. Eric – FL
7. James – NY
8. Alec – MS
9. Harpreet – CA
10. Meng – CA

| Signature 100% Whey Protein |
Whey protein is the most important weapon in your muscle-building arsenal. It promotes muscle growth, counteracts muscle breakdown, and supports your workout recovery.*

Bonus: It’s also easy to digest and a source of powerful BCAAs.* Our Signature 100% Whey Protein combines three hard-hitting types of protein in one powerful blend. It’s perfect first thing in the morning, between meals, and especially after your workout. It’s so delicious, it’ll also slay that sweet tooth!

| Signature 100% Whey Isolate |
Whey protein isolate is protein at its best. It has been filtered to remove the majority of the lactose, fat and carbs, making it higher in protein, leaner, and faster digesting than standard whey protein. Its quick release of amino acids is ideal for supporting post-workout muscle growth and recovery.* Signature Isolate is delicious and fits any clean-eating plan with 110 calories, 0g of sugar, 0g of lactose, and 1g of total carbohydrate.

| Signature Mass Gainer |
Signature Mass Gainer is a simple — and clean — way to go from skinny to stacked. It’s fully stocked with 810 calories, 67 grams of muscle-building protein, and 110 grams of carbohydrates. Probiotics help your body utilize the protein to its fullest. So, if you can’t seem to get enough mass-making nutrition in your day, skip the drive-thru and have a rich, satisfying shake.*

| Signature Casein Protein |
Casein is naturally rich in amino acids like leucine and glutamine. Because of its slow-release nature, casein provides a steady stream of these amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery over several hours.* All of this makes casein the perfect nighttime protein! Enjoy it as a shake or pudding an hour before bedtime or during long stretches between meals.

| Brain Gainz Hosts |
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