Shoulder Workout Secret (MISSING EXERCISE!!)

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Shoulder workouts often include exercises that target the front, side and rear delts. That said, while the different heads are covered the method in which they are trained is not. In this video, I show you a shoulder workout secret regarding the inclusion of explosive shoulder exercises into your deltoid workouts.

In order for a shoulder exercise (or any exercise for that matter) to be explosive, it needs to allow you to fully express your power through the rep. Plyometric exercises are great examples of this. For instance, on an explosive plyo pushup, you are able to explode off the ground as you push through the normal end point of the exercise. When it comes to shoulders however, this can be tricky to do safely.

Additionally, an explosive exercise will have an eccentric loading component that allows you to recoil and recharge your muscles for each subsequent contraction. When it comes to the shoulders, this again can be quite challenging to do without injury. Unless of course, you do the shoulder exercise shown in this shoulder workout video.

Grab a heavier than normal medicine ball and perform the solo shoulder med ball toss. The goal here is to keep your arms as straight as possible as you accelerate through a typical front raise motion. As your hands pass through the point parallel to the ground, release your hands from the ball and try to throw it as high up as you can.

On the way down, attempt to catch the ball again (with your hands on the side of the ball not underneath the ball). This will force your delts to eccentrically and spontaneously contract to control the descent of the med ball. At the same time that you are doing this you are also activating the stretch reflex of the delts to enable another powerful contraction.

This exercise fits in well with any shoulder workout and gives you a chance to experience a pump more intense than any other you’ve had before. This is because you are getting more type iib fibers to become engaged in the movement in order to contribute to the quick contraction needed to complete this exercise.

Do 3-4 sets of this front deltoid exercise in your shoulder workout to start increasing the size of your shoulders much faster. It may be the first time that you’ve ever trained your shoulders explosively and they will respond quickly because of this. In the meantime, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System for a complete day by day workout plan that will help you build athletic muscle faster than ever before.

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