Shoulder Mobility Drill FIX CRACKING SHOULDERS!

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If you get pain or cracking in your shoulders during the bench press or any overhead pressing exercise, you’re going to want to watch this shoulder mobility drill. With just a single resistance band and somewhere to anchor it, you’ll be able to help stop the popping and cracking you might feel in your shoulder joint the next time you do your pushing exercises.

It’s crazy how popular the topic of mobility is these days. Everyone and their brother seem to be experts on how to mobilize their ankle, thoracic spine, L4-L5 lumbar vertebrae, calcaneus, or scapulothoracic joint. The problem is, unless you are respecting the loose packed positions of the joint before attempting to do so, you’re likely wasting your time and not going to get much long term benefit from the time you are spending doing these drills.

In this video, I show you a shoulder mobility drill that mobilizes your glenohumeral joint to improve your ability to press without feeling the popping or cracking in your shoulder you may feel now. The reason you might feel these pops and cracks is due to poor kinematics in the joint and how the two ends of the joint move within one another.

When you perform the shoulder mobilization I show you out of the joint’s loose pack position, you provide the freedom in the joint needed to actually make a difference in the capsular tightness that exists in the shoulder right now. The band helps to provide a distraction to the humerus which stretches out the joint capsule.

After performing this shoulder mobilization for 30 to 60 seconds on each arm, you should feel a noticeable increase the in the looseness of the shoulder while getting less grinding or pain when you bench press. This type of mobility drill can help to get through a single workout with less pain, which is a good thing since it will allow you to focus on improving your strength without pain. That said, if you want to make longstanding changes to your mobility you have to commit to doing this at least a few times each week.

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