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Sant is fat. There I said it. But does it come as a surprise to anyone? I mean, he exercises once a year and even then relies on a herd of magical reindeer to drag his fat ass around all night. His diet is even worse. At every house he stops at, he has cookies and milk. If you total that up it comes up to a ton of empty calories. No wonder he struggles to fit into his suit every year.

In any event, I hope he finds my truthful words to be the motivation he needs this year to get his act together and I hope you enjoy the video! Merry Christmas to all and a sincere thanks to everyone who watches my videos and has supported the growth of this channel. You are what drives me and you never go unnoticed or unappreciated!

Looking forward to a tremendous 2017 together and you have my commitment that I will be giving you only my best, as always! Let the gains begin.

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