Run Faster, Jump Higher, Punch Harder (ONE VIDEO!!)

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Unleash your inner athlete and build ripped muscle here…

If you want to know how to run faster, jump higher or punch harder then you better stop focusing solely on your strength and start learning how to get more powerful. Many people get confused thinking that power and strength are one in the same. It’s not the case. If you want to develop more power then you better start learning how to exert your strength much more quickly.

In this video, I show you how to train for power to build explosively powerful muscle and to become much more athletic in the process. The activities of running, jumping and punching are athletic moves that demand power in order to execute them most effectively. Without purposely training to become more powerfully explosive in these three activities, it is almost impossible to improve them.

To start, we can discuss the act of running fast. You can increase your running speed by becoming strong (stronger legs will help you push harder into the ground to propel your body in space). That said, strength alone won’t get you to run fast. You have to learn how to increase your first step acceleration and speed of movement. The faster you can exert your strength into the ground, the more explosive that first step will be.

You can do this with the sprinter hang clean shown here. This dumbbell exercise should be done with lighter dumbbells than you would normally use for cleans. The goal here is not to train to failure but to aim to lift challenging weights that you can still control. Go for quality reps and not with the intent of training until form breaks down as fatigue sets in.

Next, you can improve your ability to jump higher by focusing again on the speed at which you exert your leg strength into the ground. A perfect exercise to jump higher is the broad jump clean demonstrated. Attempt to time your broad jump foot contact on the ground with the dumbbells reaching the rack position on your shoulders. The better you get at this the faster you will see an increase in your vertical jump.

Finally, you can learn to punch harder by using the same principles as above. A punch is an explosive exercise that needs to be powerful and fast in order to do maximum damage. If you know how to generate power in your core you will be able to increase the force with with your punch makes contact. Drop a dumbbell when doing bench press and you will see just how much more quickly you can increase the effectiveness of your punching power.

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