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Walk Run Lift DVD and Band Bag on QVC

We are LIVE on QVC Main Cable Channel (Check your local listings) on Friday, October 15th, 2021 between 10am EST – 12:00pm EST. Make sure to tune in to get your exclusive Walk Run Lift DVD and Band Bag! You can always stream it live on Item Number F17599.

The Walk, Run, Lift series is a full-body, circuit training-style workout from Walk at Home.

The benefit of circuit training is MAXIMIZING results in minimal time. By challenging our full-body, we are BOOSTING our metabolism and BOOSTING calorie burn. More muscle means more calorie BURN!

This Walk Run Lift workout series includes circuits of WALKING, RUNNING, and LIFTING. And, it features the 7 Ring Resistance Band.

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Happy Walking!

The exclusive Walk Run Lift Band Bag for QVC includes:

1) 90-minute DVD, featuring 3 full-body workouts (20 min, 30 min, 40 min)
2) Grey 7-Loop Resistance Band (light)
3) Red 7-Loop Resistance Band (heavy) (NEW Color – never released by Walk at Home)
4) Yellow “Happy Walking” Essential Fitness Band
5) Walk Run Lift Drawstring Carry Bag
6) 14-Day Walk Challenge Calendar
7) APP – 3-Month Free Trial Card

Here’s how you can watch us LIVE from your TV, computer or smartphone:

1) QVC Main Channel – Cable – Check Your Local Listings
2) Stream it LIVE on
3) Watch us live in QVC’s app
4) Watch it live from QVC’s Facebook Page

If you like the Walk Run Lift workouts or any of the Walk at Home workouts, you will love the Walk at Home App. Get access to HUNDREDS of Walk at Home workouts for all fitness levels at