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This leg training program has one goal: building balanced size & strength in your quads, hamstrings, glutes, & calves. Abel Albonetti shares his own pro techniques for building lower-body mass
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This three-days-a-week plan is designed to be combined with additional training for a full workout program. How you do that is flexible. Since the volume of the leg training alone is significant, you’ll almost definitely need to reduce the intensity of your other workouts. But you can and should still train the rest of your body on some of your rest days.

| 30-Day Legs: The Schedule |
Your leg workouts will follow a pattern. The first one each week focuses on quads, the second on hamstrings, and the third one works the whole leg. If you want to fit 30-Day Legs into a body-part split, here’s the schedule Abel recommends for weeks 1-3:

Abel shares his own pro techniques for building lower-body mass and definition while maintaining full-body gains. The result? Balanced aesthetics and unmatched size.

• Monday: Quads
• Tuesday: Chest
• Wednesday: Back and Biceps
• Thursday: Hamstrings
• Friday: Shoulders and Triceps
• Saturday: Legs
• Sunday: Rest

Another option is to do upper-body training on one, two, or three of your rest days. Whether you do the split or upper/lower training, pare down your non-leg workouts to a level that gives you a good pump without creating significant muscle damage. This way, you’ll maintain or build size without flirting with burning out. Remember, this is 30-Day Legs, not 30-Days to Full-Body Misery.

Training legs this intensely brings with it some side benefits in addition to mass. For one thing, bracing under the bar will build major strength in your core and back, as well as your lower body. This will help you make it through tough workouts now and in the future. Plus, when you hit legs super hard, it tends to send a message to the rest of your muscles to grow, too. So even if you’re training arms lighter than usual, you still might see them pop. Be prepared!

This program isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t going to be fun, unless you really get a kick out of dropsets, blood flow restriction, and intra-set stretching. But if you’re ready to bring your legs up to size, kick-start muscle growth in your entire body, and above all, work hard, 30-Day Legs is for you!

| You’ve Never Trained Legs Like This! |
In this supplemental program, you’ll put your legs through the wringer three times a week with heavy weight, big sets, and advanced techniques. The plan is designed to be stacked with other training, and you’ll learn how to fit intense leg workouts into a complete gym schedule. Plus, you can track every set, rep, and rest period in the All Access app!

| Expert Instruction |
Each leg workout in the program comes with a video guide. Abel will explain how to do the exercises and rep schemes, provide form pointers, and demonstrate what each move should look like. Each workout also comes with demonstrative videos for every movement!

| Nutrition and Supplement Guidance |
The workouts are only half of the equation. Learn how to eat and supplement to optimize clean gains and fuel recovery. Your success is counting on it!



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