PE With Joe | Wednesday 22nd April

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30 seconds work | 30 seconds rest
2 sets of 10 exercises with a 2 minute rest in between

Today’s Trivia
Mount Fuji is a mountain in which of these countries? Japan, Hawaii, new zealand ? Japan

Is Miami on the east coast or west coast of America? East coast

True or false? England is the most visited country in the world? False its France with 89 million visitors a year

The beatles played in a famous club called the cavern. Which city is this in? Liverpool

Where in the world does reggae music come from? Jamaica

True or false there are 51 states in the USA? False there only 50

The mythical creature the loch ness monster is from which country? Scotland

The pixar movie ratatouille is based in which romantic European city? Paris

In 2010 I cycled 2000 miles from Vancouver to Mexico. As I rode south I could see the ocean on my right. What ocean was I looking at? Pacific ocean

Where is the great barrier reef? Australia

Mandarin is the main language spoken in which country? China

The Hogwarts express is a train which travels between platform 9 and three quarters at which London train station? Kings Cross

P Sherman lives at 42 wallaby way. Which city Is this in? Sydney

Wernham hog is a successful paper merchants in the UK comedy- the office. Which town is it based in? Slough

True or false Las vegas is in the state of Arizona? False its Nevada