PE With Joe | Tuesday 21st April

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30 seconds work | 30 seconds rest

Today’s Trivia
What is the name of the famous clock in London? Big Ben

In which city is the famous Golden Gate Bridge? San Francisco

What Italian city is famous for its canals and gondolas? Venice

Christiano Ronaldo played football for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juvetnus but which country was born in? Portugal

Where in the world Is the famous Taj Mahal? Agra, India

The Guinness world record for the worlds largest outdoor HIIT workout is 3804 people by Joe wicks. Which big London park did we achieve this record in? Hyde park

Which country has 50 million bouncy kangaroos? Australia

The largest desert in the world is in Africa? What is the name of this hot desert? The Sahara

True or false. The pacific ocean is the biggest ocean on earth? True and it contains more than half of the water on earth

Which country is home of Ferrari and Lamborghini? Italy

True or false – The two men who set up Puma and adidas are brothers. Which country are they from? Germany

The grand canyon is located in which American state? Arizona

In home alone 2 lost in New York. Kevin Mcallister sets off fireworks in which park? Central park

The pixar movie coco is based in which beautiful country? Mexico

Which 3 countries make up Scandinavia? Denmark, Norway, Sweden.


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