New Year’s Walk Challenge 2018 Week 3

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Happy Week 3 Walkers!
Don’t you feel GREAT knowing you have a Fitness PLAN?
The chances of complete SUCCESS are very HIGH when you have a PLAN!
No Plan? No Chance!
Just follow the Walk PLAN each day …. you get RESULTS!

Monday – Jan 15 – 4 Miles (TRY 2 Miles in the AM – 2 Miles in the PM)
Tuesday – Jan 16 – 1 Mile (2,000 steps or 15 mins)
Wednesday – Jan 17 – 3 Miles (6,000 steps or 45 mins)
Thursday – Jan 18 – 2 Miles (4,000 steps or 30 mins)
Friday – Jan 19 – 4 Miles (8,000 steps or 60 mins)

Nick’s BONUS BURN segment this week is working those ABS – Tummy Tuck – Belly Slimming … you’ll love it!
Add the BONUS BURN sessions any day … everyday … ALL DAY!
No… not really ‘all day” just got carried away!

Are you loving the weekends OFF?

Happy Walks People!

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