Never Turning Back – The Inspiring Story of Dr. Andries Botha | Ryan Jones Films

Adventurer Dr. Andries Botha has an incredible number of achievements under his belt, having climbed “The Seven Summits” (Kilimanjaro – Africa 19,340 ft, Aconcagua – South America 22,841 ft, Everest – Asia 29,029 ft, Elbrus – Europe 18,510 ft, Vinson – Antarctica 16,050 ft, Carstensz – Oceana 16,024 ft, Denali – North America 20,320 ft) he has also completed several cycling adventures, having cycled across the USA, South Africa, Canada in 28 days and North & South America in 134 days. Dr. Botha is now working on completing the “Seven Second Highest Summits” (K2 – Asia, Dykh-Tau – Europe, Mount Kenya – Africa, Mount Tyree – Antarctica, Mount Townsend – Australia, Mount Logan – North America, Ojos del Salado – South America).
But why Dr. Botha takes on these extreme challenges is best explained in his own words “An eight to five, picket fence lifestyle does not suit me. Climbing high mountains with their unbelievable majestic power gives me the freedom from vanity and trivial worldly aggravations. All this overshadows the beauty of life. My life has always been unique, exciting, full of change, challenges and stimulus…and full of a cast of characters. That’s okay and I accept that for my past. I know that by programming my mind I can now redirect any future plays and pick my own screenplay and cast. I am the producer, director and star of any and all new plays on the stage I call — My Life.”
In this documentary short Andries talks about his experience on Everest, getting frost bite and his love of cycling. We also get a glimpse of his training on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand.
A film by Ryan Jones
Music: TwentyTwoFourteen – The Album Leaf
Another Day (Revised) – The Album Leaf


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