Nadia Amy’s Best Back Workout for Strength

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It’s time to get serious about back training! Build strength in your back with this workout from Primeval Labs athlete Nadia Amy.
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One of the greatest things—and most underappreciated—about bodybuilding-style training is how diverse you can be with your workouts. No workout need ever be the same! Day by day, you can change the grips you use, the machines or weights, and body positions as much as you’d like based on what feels right to you, and what allows you to concentrate on a working muscle. And when your body gets accustomed to one routine, there is always another one to challenge that lagging body part.

But back training can pose a few special problems. For one, the sheer volume of variations can be overwhelming—so much so that you might find yourself sticking to the same routine because the choice is so intimidating. And while a beautiful, muscular upper back is admired by lifters and non-lifters alike, it can be hard to decide exactly what “look” you are trying to achieve.

For bodybuilding men, the goal is usually to develop lats so thick and so broad, they’re like wings that connect directly to the hip. Many a male competitor—Dorian Yates, for example—has effectively “won” a show as soon as they faced the back of the stage. That’s how impressive a heavily muscled back can be.

For ladies, we have to give more thought to what we want to create.

| Nadia Amy’s Best Back Workout |
1. Pull-Up
2. Seated Cable Row
3. Straight-Arm Push Down
4. Dumbbell Row
5. Lat Pulldown

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