My 5 Nutrition MISTAKES I Made As A Beginner

In order to attain a shredded physique, you will need to reach adequate levels of muscle mass and a low enough body fat % for definition to shine through. A calorie deficit is the magic that makes weight loss possible. Training is only half of that battle

There are so many things that go into created a well balanced physique. But one thing that is most commonly forgotten about is what you put into your body on a daily basis. Your daily nutritional habits will be the largest contributing factor to any body compositional changes.

Not only that, your performance in the gym will have a fair reliance on your nutritional intake. If there’s one thing I see most people turning a blind eye towards, it’s their daily diet. For good reason too as it’s one of the hardest aspects to control. We are emotional, social creatures. Food ties into that very well… almost too well.

Just tracking for a week or two to get a solid grasp of how much you are eating, how many calories and macros are in what, how your weight shifts based on what you consume, you’ll become more adept and aware of how your nutrition truly impacts you day to day going forward. I guarantee you, it will be one of the best things you do to ensure smooth progress! 🔥

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