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DOMS/muscle soreness doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. In this episode of Brain Gainz, we explains DOMS and how to best recover from muscle soreness.
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| Recovery from Strenuous Exercise |
1. What is DOMS
• Is DOMS bad
• Should I workout while sore
• Lactic Acid (beta alanine)
2. How often should I hit a muscle group
3. Mobility
• Foam Rolling
• Massage Therapy
• Static Stretching
• Dynamic Stretching
• Warming Up + Warming Down
4. Nutrition
• Glycogen (carbs)
• Protein
a. BCAAs vs EAAs
• Supplements
a. Collagen
b. HMB
c. Tart Cherry

| Muscle Recovery Questions |
1. Should I work other muscle groups while recovering? IE, while my legs are recovering should I work my chest? – Wakten
2. What exactly does foam rolling do and how best to use it? – Hayden Murray
3. How to best treat muscles that are sore from the previous day? Do you let them completely rest, do a light workout, stretch them, etc? – Daw2on

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