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Staying hydrated is one of the most overlooked components in fitness. It can have a significant impact on your performance in the gym.
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| Muscle Building |
1. Muscle Fiber Types
o Type I
– Slow Twitch Oxidative
– Low power potential but high endurance
o Type IIA
– Fast Twitch Oxidative
oType IIB
– Fast Twitch Glycolytic
– High power potential, low endurance
– Generally much larger fiber size
o Fast/Slow refers to the time between activation and peak power.
– 100ms for slow, 25ms for fast

2. Motor Units
o Groups of muscle fibers innervated by a single pathway
– All or nothing
– Slow twitch recruited first for lower intensity contractions
– Fast twitch later for higher intensity

3. Gaining Muscle and strength
o First you increase efficiency of recruiting correct motor units
o Why you see big jumps in strength in first 6-8 weeks, then a gap
o This is followed by increases in strength due to a couple different factors: increased muscle fiber size (more cross bridges)
o Increased conversion from type 2A – 2B

4. Frequency, Volume, Intensity
o Intensity is #1 determining factor in adaptation

5. Protein Consumption (ISSN Main Points)
o Protein helps with muscle building and works best adjacent to exercise
o 1.4-2g protein per kg bodyweight up to 3g per kg
o 20-40g protein per serving w/ 700-3000mg Leucine
o Spread out intake over the day, total protein intake most important

| Hydration |
1. 2% of bodyweight lost can lead to decrements in performance
2. Body temp control
• Water allows for sweat
3. Electrolyte balance
• Hyperkalemia (high potassium due to dehydration)
• Weakness, nausea, even irregular pulse

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