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Olympus Lyfestyle athletes Maaxx West shows you how to build your chest & triceps with this complete shredding, muscle-building workout.
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| Maaxx West’s Muscle-Building Chest & Triceps Workout |
1. Chest Flyes: 3 sets, 5 slow on positive, 5 slow on negative, face pace until failure
2. Seated Chest Press: 3 sets, 5 slow on positive, 5 slow on negative, face pace until failure
3. Bench Press: 3 sets, 5 slow on positive, 5 slow on negative, face pace until failure
4. Triceps Dips: 3 sets, failure
5. Cable Chest Flys: 4 sets, 10 pushing forward, 10 pushing down
6. Triceps Push-down: 3 sets, 5 slow on positive, 5 slow on negative, face pace until failure
7. Reverse Triceps Push-Down: 3 sets, 5 slow on positive, 5 slow on negative, face pace until failure
8. Overhead Triceps Extension: 3 sets, 12 reps
9. Stretch

| Training Chest |
Because the chest muscles are so big, they have to be hit with a variety of exercises and a larger number of sets to fully fatigue the muscle fibers. When developing your program, choose 2-3 compound movements and 1-2 isolation movements to ensure you’re getting ultimate stimulation for growth and strength from your chest workouts.

Because the pec muscles fan out in many directions, you can develop your program to target the pecs by region. Upper and lower chest can be individually targeted. In addition, you can shift the focus on outer or inner pecs, depending on the exercises you choose and how you perform them.

To target the upper chest (sternal head), which is the most visible portion of this muscle on a woman, choose incline movements. Choosing flat bench exercises targets the overall chest, while opting for decline movements hits the lower chest. All areas are important for overall development in strength and size.

The outer chest is important as well. It is very visible in the area that ties in to the front deltoid. This can be targeted with standing flys and a variety of dip exercises.

When properly developed, the inner pecs give that coveted line down the center of the chest. To develop yours, concentrate on peak contraction and squeeze the chest at the top of your pec deck and fly exercises.

| Additional Muscles Often Trained with Chest |
The muscles of the chest are very large, so some people prefer to train them on their own day. This is a great way to ensure you are hitting the chest muscles fully and completely exhausting them.

Another option is to train chest with shoulders and triceps. Such is the program of a trainee on a push/pull split. The push side of this split places exercises together that require you to push the resistance away from the body on the positive portion of the exercise.

In addition, the shoulder and triceps are hit secondarily in many chest exercises, which makes this split a good choice for the trainee who wants to save time and/or keep the intensity high.

Trainees who have already reached their desired amount of development can condense their workouts as such for maintenance purposes, as the stimulation from less volume is sufficient at that point.

If you like the idea of dedicating chest to its own day, but you lack the time to follow a five or six day split, you can choose to pair chest with biceps. By pairing these two opposing muscle groups, you can train chest completely without sacrificing strength needed to train shoulders or triceps.

The biceps can then get a completely taxing workout as well, since they are not worked secondarily in any chest exercises.


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