Mash-Up Saturday: First Look | Hannah Eden’s FYR 2.0

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Mash-Up Saturday is just one of the fat-burning workouts from FYR 2.0. With Hannah Eden coaching you through each workout in these daily videos, results are guaranteed!
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What is a Mash-Up Saturday? It’s a blend of your favorite—and, perhaps, least favorite—movements and protocols from this first week into one killer end-of-the-week workout!

You’ll do a little core, a little kettlebell, tackle a Tabata, and hoist some dumbbells. You’ll start with 45-second intervals for the first circuit, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest for the second circuit, and finish strong with 30/60/90 at the end. If it sounds complicated, not to worry: Hannah can make the complicated feel simple, but as you know by now, simple is never, ever easy!

Just stay focused and keep moving. As Hannah puts it, you don’t always need to move fast to work hard. Pick your level, grab those weights, and finish the week strong!

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I LOVE Hannah Edens workouts! Soooo worth the work! Well thought out. Best program I have ever done!!!!

Absolutely loving FYR2.0!!

*Loving Hannah.*
Really loving FYR2.0. Challenging me in new ways.

Hannah eden is a fire goddess

*Hannah Eden*
Her FYR workout is everything…. love her

*The best!*
Hannah Edens program is the best. Been going strong for four months and still seeing results.

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