[Level 3] 10 Minute Intensive Fat Burning With New Exercises!

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Level 3 workout. This time with new exercises that are challenging enough for every intermediate/advanced trainer and it is also doable for every beginner (follow the beginner version).

Do it and you will feel the burn.

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Warming up your body before going all-out is crucial.

I would recommend everyone to spend at least 5-10 minutes doing some dynamic warm up on light to moderate intensity.

I would personally go through 1 round of this exercise routine with moderate effort before I start pushing myself hard. Going through the Round 1 format with easy-moderate effort before you starts your actual working set can be a good way to get ready too.

After each round. Pause the video take 1-2 minutes break. Depending on how fit you are, somehow it gonna hurt… but hey, it’s only 10 mins! and the pain that you feel is what keeping the stubborn fat screaming! Right? 😉

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The exercises and workouts provided in this video are for educational purpose only, and are not to be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action.

Before beginning this or any exercise program, please consult a physician for appropriate exercise prescription and safety precautions.

The exercise instruction and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. As with any exercise program,
if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort,
you should stop immediately and consult a physician.