[Level 2] Basic High Intensity Home Workout – Beginner Friendly

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3 minutes of progressive body weight routine that can be done anywhere anytime.

Important note: Beginner modification is only for Beginner who just started exercising. If you are not, you should be doing my version and try to keep up with my pace… You will feel the burn! 🙂

Warming up your body before going all-out is crucial. I would recommend everyone to spend at least 5-10 minutes doing some dynamic warm up on light to moderate intensity. I would personally go through 1 round of this exercise routine with moderate effort before I start pushing myself hard. Doing the beginner modification routine for 1 round before your actual working set can be a good way to get ready too.

To get the best out of this routine. You should aim to complete around 3-5 rounds with less than 2 minutes rest in between each round… It’s hard, I know… but hey, this is what makes us burn fat like crazy and grow! Isn’t that why we are here at the first place? and someday the effort that you are doing right now could be your warm up in the future.

Al the best! 😉

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